Pic of The Day (4-19-14)

Pic of The Day (4-19-14)

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Pic of The Day (4-18-14)

Pic of The Day (4-18-14)

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Just to get this straight, in this double page spread there are:

  • Fat women
  • Of different races
  • Who are unedited (note the stomach and the rolls)
  • And are being praised for being the weight they are (and eating what they want)
  • While they are all being quotes talking about being healthy at any weight

I mean, this still isn’t perfect, but this is pretty damned impressive for a mainstream tabloid. 

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“He doesn’t react well to certain things.”

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drawing by me

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people tagging pics of themselves as “Evan Peters”  



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 I’ve never felt that way about anyone. 

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Don’t Forget!  


Get your tickets for the Evan Peters show and the SNL show at The University of Rhode Island!!

The Evan Peters show is April 23rd, 8pm in Edwards Auditorium!

The SNL show is April 24, 8pm in Edwards Auditorium! 

Both shows cost $10 for students and $25 for public tickets. 

Tickets are on sale at The Ryan Center and URI Memorial Union Box Offices

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